The Five Qualities Required to be Successful

When you see a successful person, you recognize these intangible, almost soft skills that clearly make them stand out from most people.

Successful people act with certainty and confidence.  Everything they say, the way they think, and the way they approach situations, challenges, and problems is done with total decisiveness and purpose.

I’ve been studied successful people most of my life and have found the differences between them and the people who fail, worth noting – and its not what you might expect.

The differences between successful and unsuccessful people between have nothing to do with education, location, demographics or economics.  Of course their life  experiences influenced their mindsets and habits, they are NOT ultimately the determining factors in whether they achieved success or not.

I can show you people with no education, who were reared by broken families in terrible surroundings, but still managed to grow their successes to stratospheric levels. Top 5 Qualities shared by all successful people are that they:

  1. They have true commitment
  2. Focus on Opportunity
  3. Love Challenges
  4. Seek to Solve Problems
  5. Take Risks
  6. Surround themselves with other like minded people