Positive Attitude and Mindset – Learn How

As I get older, I’m realizing that a positive attitude and mindset is a requirement to be successful.  Negativity is a distraction of success and poison for your life.

Without a positive attitude and mindset, greatness will always be out of reach for you.

Here are 7 ways that have helped me remove negativity from my thinking and form and maintain a positive attitude. I’m certain they will help you too:

  1. Counter negativity by putting up positive reminders (pictures, messages, notes) of the things that make you happy.  They could be pictures of your family, inspirational quotes, a reminder of your definition of success, or a picture of your dream car
  2. Exercise everyday – You’ll feel better almost immediately and doing it every day, whether first thing in the morning or late at night will not only improve your health, but will help you form a positive attitude
  3. Write down your future goals and dreams daily in present tense as though the goal has been achieved.
  4. Create and commit to a disciplined schedule and do not deviate from it. This will create a sense of control. We are all the results of our habits and rituals.
  5. Improve your diet.  Focus on eating healthier foods and drinks. I’m not asking you to count calories, but avoid sugars during the day, reduce fat, and drink a lot more water.
  6. Go to Sleep Early and Get up Early. If you don’t control when you go down, you won’t control when you get up. Early bird stills gets the worm, don’t kid yourself.
  7. Maximize every minute of every day.  Time is the one thing we can never get back.  By structuring your day and filling your calendar up with activity, you’ll have a much greater sense of certainty. White space on a calendar creates uncertainty. The more you have to do the more you will and can do. Commit to more not less.

With everything going on in the world today, its easy to be influenced by negativity.  But  it’s critical for you to realize and own the fact that having a positive attitude is senior to your ability to take action and follow through. The key for massive success is your attitude. Stay committed. Stay focused. Most importantly, stay positive.

The Five Qualities Required to be Successful

When you see a successful person, you recognize these intangible, almost soft skills that clearly make them stand out from most people.

Successful people act with certainty and confidence.  Everything they say, the way they think, and the way they approach situations, challenges, and problems is done with total decisiveness and purpose.

I’ve been studied successful people most of my life and have found the differences between them and the people who fail, worth noting – and its not what you might expect.

The differences between successful and unsuccessful people between have nothing to do with education, location, demographics or economics.  Of course their life  experiences influenced their mindsets and habits, they are NOT ultimately the determining factors in whether they achieved success or not.

I can show you people with no education, who were reared by broken families in terrible surroundings, but still managed to grow their successes to stratospheric levels. Top 5 Qualities shared by all successful people are that they:

  1. They have true commitment
  2. Focus on Opportunity
  3. Love Challenges
  4. Seek to Solve Problems
  5. Take Risks
  6. Surround themselves with other like minded people

Commitment is the Secret to Success

Commitment is the secret to success.  How many times have you had s such a strong desire to accomplish something, yet you never actually get it done?

Everyone dreams.  Everyone has goals.  But what’s the one word that separates those who actually accomplish their goals and those who never do?

One word: COMMITMENT. How Does a Person Commit? It sounds easy, but it’s not. However, its completely worth it.

The trick to committing is associating everything you need to do, as part of your commitment, with pleasure!  So many people associate commitment  with pain. Think about dieting, or working out. Sacrificing your favorite foods.  Spending hours in the gym or running.  Pain right?  Wrong!  Associate it with pleasure because each time you maintain your commitment, you’re a step closer to accomplish your dream.

Not committing will make you miserable for the rest of your life as you’ll always regret not making your dream a reality.  Say it with me…. COMMITMENT!