Lazy People are Simply Uninspired

Laziness and lazy people are topics that come up in many of the sessions I lead whether its for a corporate event, a public forum or team coaching.  For a long time, I believed that laziness was a learned behavior based on experiences and societal observations.  Simply a decision to not do something.  But what drives that decision?

Just think back to witnessing a three year old run around with endless energy, where the only thing that would stop them is complete and utter exhaust of stamina. Nothing would stop them, other than complete exhaustion, but then at some point in their lives, that same three year old, grows up and will decide at will to not do something that everyone else thinks they should do.

Based on years of observations, education and experiences, I’m still convinced that lazy people don’t exist naturally, rather they choose to not do something for one plain and simple reason.  They’re uninspired by the outcome of their actions.

Lack of inspiration happens to a significant portion of the population in their personal and professional lives.  There needs to be a crystal clear and motivating goal to get people to act on it.

Unfortunately what happens, is while people may be uninspired by an outcome, and they’re natural reaction is to do nothing, that nothingness will quickly grow roots and start to form a habit of nothingness.  As a result, their self-confidence will diminish and so will they’re perceived value because progress in any and every aspect of life is the one crtitical component to fulfillment and happiness.

Next time you think you’re working with lazy people, work with them to reframe the outcome and the actions needed to achieve those outcomes as something positive and inspiring and you’ll see that laziness disappear.