Commitment is the Secret to Success

Commitment is the secret to success.  How many times have you had s such a strong desire to accomplish something, yet you never actually get it done?

Everyone dreams.  Everyone has goals.  But what’s the one word that separates those who actually accomplish their goals and those who never do?

One word: COMMITMENT. How Does a Person Commit? It sounds easy, but it’s not. However, its completely worth it.

The trick to committing is associating everything you need to do, as part of your commitment, with pleasure!  So many people associate commitment  with pain. Think about dieting, or working out. Sacrificing your favorite foods.  Spending hours in the gym or running.  Pain right?  Wrong!  Associate it with pleasure because each time you maintain your commitment, you’re a step closer to accomplish your dream.

Not committing will make you miserable for the rest of your life as you’ll always regret not making your dream a reality.  Say it with me…. COMMITMENT!